Mason Barclay

Teachers - Student Levelling

About Me

Hello again, it is good to be back again.  I am still working with the children and staff to help them improve the literacy of the students.  I believe there has been very good progress with reading improvement over the past few years and I find it incredibly enjoyable to work with the kids.  It gave me a very good feeling when I returned last week and lots of the students were coming up and asking when we were going to start reading again.  It is hard to tell some of them, because it has been so much fun working with them, that they do not need any more extra help as they have reached the levels they should be at.  However, there are still more who need a little bit of help so I am sure it will be a very good year again.  I feel very fortunate to be able to tell people wherever I go that I have one of the best jobs anyone could have.